2 08 2009

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3 09 2009
Nancy Locatelli

I love the light and details in Lebanon. What you were able to capture in the architecture of the Roman ruins are interesting too. You caught great shots of the people in Afganistan. In the Cairo shots, you took some interesting pictures of the street culture. I love looking at your photographs of cultures that are so different than ours in America. Wonderful photography, Stan!

4 09 2009

Thanks Nancy for the note. I’m working on more photos from Afghanistan for exhibiting. I’ve picked about 40 more and they should be up sometime in the next week.

28 10 2009
Rodney Ouse

I just checked out the Afghanistan exhibit and liked the variety and the colorful scenes you included. Thanks for sharing these.

25 11 2010
Nancy Locatelli

Hey Stan,
I was checking out your website again after visiting with you over Thanksgiving. It was great visiting with you and I know Olivia loves picking your brain about photography. She thinks, as we all do, that you have lead such an interesting life, and have had the opportunity to visit such different places. We are glad you have documented your work and travels. I saw one that I think is great, titled: Photo shop in Kabul. It should be one of your lead shots in your website maybe? Just a thought. Anyway Stan, love your work!

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