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3 08 2009

Girl with Red Scarf My photographs are taken in a photo-journalism style.  I take each picture as I see it and I try to capture life as it happens. 

My photo web site, has my photos from my travels.  It’s not complete yet and I am planning to add text to each page.  That is why there is a note on the Home page that it is still “under construction”.  I am also in the process of changing the format of each page.  As of now I have changed the format of Afghanistan and Cairo, Lebanon is in progress.

I was in AfgKabul Markethanistan and Cairo from September 2001 to The NileDecember 2001.  I took the pictures while I was covering the fighting between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban, just before and after the fall of Kabul. 


The pictures I took while in Lebanon was during the 2007 fighting between Hezbollah and Israel. 

Beirut from the sea





I am planning other places that I’ve been to such as Iraq and China.




2 responses

12 10 2009
Victoria Allyn

Hi Stan,
Love your website and of course, the pics. I was looking for the ones in which you had to travel by donkey but I didn’t see them. Let me know where I can find them. I wanted to show Patrick. By the way, I also wanted to let you know about a typo so you can correct it. On your Afghanistan Exhibit page, you had “those” typed as “thoes”. I’m sure you would want to know. If you ever want anything proofread, just let me know. I feel like I have a knack for it and that was part of my job at Good Times.

Hope you’re doing well!!!
Love, your sis, Vicki

14 10 2009

Thanks Vicki, for catching that typo, I’m sure there are some more in there. The only traveling by donkey was going into Afghanistan, our equipment had to be moved across the border by donkey. That picture is in “Travel to Afghanistan” section

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