Stan Ouse Photography

Girl with Red Scarf My photographs are taken in a photo-journalism style.  I take each picture as I see it and I try to capture life as it happens.

My photo web site, has my photos from my travels.  It’s not complete yet and I am planning to add text to each page.  That is why there is a note on the Home page that it is still “under construction”.  I am also in the process of changing the format of each page.  As of now I have changed the format of Afghanistan and Cairo, Lebanon is in progress.

  I was Kabul Marketin Afghanistan and Cairo   from September 2001 to December 200Nile river in Cairo1.  I took the pictures while I was covering the fighting between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban, just before and after the fall of Kabul.


The pictures I took while in Lebanon was during the 2007 fighting between Hezbollah and Israel. 

Beirut from the sea


I am planning other places that I’ve been to such as Iraq and China.


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